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When Luxury is defined by Quality  


The King's Keeper

One of our brand models

"The King's Keeper"  In it's full glory, 100%  handmade and handstitched  with the DIAMOND leather itself her majesty Shell Cordovan

The King's Keeper 

Brand Model "The "King's Keeper" is made with beautiful dark horse leather Shell Cordovan on the outside and Cowhide Pueblo on the inside, representing the

ultimate gentleman's passion. 


The Queen's Secrets

Ladies we also think about you  , sharing secrets is something we don't like... Or do we ?   Therefore the name of the beautiful

"The Queen's Secrets" Model . Made with best leather in the world there is, Shell Cordovan  and Pueblo  , Because we do not accept less then the best of the best for our Queens

Her Majesty 

They say the Devil is in the details, therefore in every stitch we carefully created by hand, we inserted a bit of lust and desire, a model where colors and craftsmanship require brave and confident woman to best showcase it to the world. 

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